Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Step right up and witness the best things to come out in the video game market to date. Yes, I dare say it is even more useful and cool than the Halo 2 Plasma Sword! What is this marvel you wonder? Why I will tell you, it is the Half-Life 2 Zero Point Energy Gun, or as I like to call it, the Gravity Gun.

Tired of all the clutter in your house? This will make clean up a snap! Just turn it on and pick up any chair, table, or box with ease. Tough enough to move a wooden box, yet gentle enough to relocate a ham radio. Need to paint the walls, add a splash of color the fun and easy way, hurl paint cans at over 500 mph! It is so much fun; even the kids will want to help!

But wait there’s more! Do you suffer from unwanted head huger zombies pounding at your door? This baby will let you launch ordinary house hold objects at them to dispatch of these annoying pests. Turn ordinary gas cylinders into exploding missiles, hazardous waist drums into flaming rockets, even a giant saw blade into a Frisbee of Doom. There is enough power to cut threw five zombies and still stick that blade into the wall behind them. Thanks to its revolutionary new power supply, you get three days of continuous use out of just one charge! Just think of all the time and ammo you will save, it will practically pay for itself in the first week.

Act now and we will throw in this free book “Snatching Out of Reach Objects for Fun and Profit with the Gravity Gun”. Learn the secrets to picking up out of reach ammo and health packs from your neighbor’s balcony.

It is water proof, shock proof, kid safe, and City 17 approved. How much is this wonderful item you ask? Why it is so cheep we are practically giving it away! Just ask about our Black Mesa employee discounts! Easy financing available by Citi 17 Bank, act now!

Cool, we are on the BlogShares Stock Market. It is kinda cool to see all the data they track. So, anyone want to buy cheep stock?


Sunday, November 28, 2004

This Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a time to celebrate and enjoy my family and to think back and reflect upon all that I have been blessed with. I want you to know what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Violent video games. That’s right, after spending half a day with cousins that are one step away from jail time, and having to hear my parents fight over if my sister, who is away at a university and unemployed, should have to work a seasonal job that has been offered to her by her old employer. I want to scream and pull my hair out. How stupid can they be? They are paying for her room, food, books, classes, and now they want to pick up the tab on her car payments and insurance, just so that she can spend every hour of her two week vacation at home with them. Mean while my Dad is worrying about being able to keep his job, because they want a bachelor’s degree that he can no longer afford to get. Sacrifice?!?! I am fucking tiered of hearing about sacrifice! How about she sacrifices one of the perfect A+s in a classes and work a few hours at one of the three thousand Starbucks on campus?!?!

This is when I play Half-Life 2, Halo 2, Ninja Gaiden or Serious Sam till my fingers can no longer function. See games like this are really a blessing in times like this, because in general people look down upon real violence. Virtual violence is more accepted, except by a few looser. Turn up the volume, turn down the lights, and blast everything away with a focus and lack of caution that is just overpowering. So thank you game makers, for releasing all the video games right before the holidays. They have made this time of year just a little more bearable.

Back to the fraging! I feal my blood pressure rising.


Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Welcome to the World of Lag-Craft, or my account was eaten by a Lag – asuorus critter review.

WoW review comin soon!


Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well my friend Lone_Wolf (yes, he really does exist) just told me that he had been trying for the last half hour to just login to Steam. It took about another ten minutes to authenticate the game he had preloaded and purchased back when SC Source came out. Me, I started to preload it a month ago, and never quite finished. I also never pre-ordered it. I was not going to chance having to wait a year before I could play what I paid for. Well, I will try buying the Silver pack when I get home from work. If it is this busy, I may not be playing until next week...

UPDATE: I had no trouble logging into Steam. The when I paid (no sales tax, I love the internet) the transaction took a few minutes. It came back and said that their servers are too buys, but they will let me download and play the game until my card gets approved. Totally cool! I had downloaded about 80% of the game during the pre-load, and I was up and playing with in the hour. I played for a bit, and I am impressed. The wacky humor is still present. The only complaint I have right now is that the load time is a bit much between levels. But that could have been due to Half-life Source downloading in the background.

Well Half Life 2 is out today. Valve made there SDK available a few days ago. It will be interesting to see how easy it will be to make mods, and if it helps keep it afloat for as long as it kept the first one going.

I have been playing Halo 2 all weekend. The flood is back, and so is the librarian... The good news is the levels have not been as repetitive as the first one. There is also more of a story to this game. The campaign has you playing as both the Master Chief and as one of the Covenant Elite. The AI has been significantly improved, and the reinforcements last a lot longer. The elites will seek cover to recharge their shields. Often times I found someone climbing onto the boxes that I am taking cover behind, and shooting down on me. It is a lot easier to aim and control the weapons. The Tank is a lot more effective at blasting Ghosts and there is a Warthog now with a rail gun that can take out armored vehicles a lot easier. You are no longer just stuck with the role of driver with the Warthog, so have fun in the gunner seat as the computer squad member will drive for you. The dual guns are one of the coolest features, only to be out done by the Plasma Saber. You can mix and match pistols, and fire each one independently. The best part has got to be the XBox Live game play. Fast and furious. There are a good number of maps of many different sizes and features. There are very few things as satisfying as kicking someone out of his Ghost and then smoking him with it.

Well I will have to see how Half Life 2 lives up to the hype. From what I see, Halo 2 happily lived up to it.


Friday, November 12, 2004

what a wonderful day...

Scott Peterson has been convicted of killing his wife and unborn child. The terrorist Yasser Arafat
realy is dead. The Evil System Administrator is out the door. Halo 2 rocks and I have a three day weekend.

I'm walking on sunshine.....


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I’ve got mine, you got yours? Halo 2 came out today and I ran over to Best Buy around 3pm for my lunch break. They had plenty of copies. The sales table had stacks of them, and they had a locking case crammed with even more. I picked up the Limited Edition set, it was on sale for only $5 more than the regular one. Envy me, I didn’t have to camp out, I didn’t have to fight long lines, and didn’t get to eat until 3:30. Ok, so two out of three is not bad… Now I just need to get back home and try it out.

I hope that it is more worthy of the hype it got than World of War Craft and The Matrix Online. I am severely disappointed in both beta games. I will try playing them some more, but my first impressions were a letdown. Niether one gave very many character configuring options. They both had a few preset classes that have strengths and weaknesses, I could not figure out how to adjust some of the skill points myself. Very few things you could do to make the character stand out, and look different than any other character. Maybe this will change when they go live, I hope so.

Let me start off with saying I am not much of a role playing person. I like Diablo, but I get board of games like Final Fantasy. Too artsy and not enough action.

World of War Craft was the worst as far as customizing. I started out trying a dark elf, with a skill class of ranger. You cannot choose your clothing; it was determined by your skill class. I have tried to change it by equipping new shirts, or robes, but so far I have seen no difference. The few quests that I have played are boring and mundane. The world was beautiful, but I had trouble finding my way around with the map. They have guards in one of the places I visited, which would tell me where places are located, in relation to other places. That did not help much. Guess exploring may be more fun than doing the quests.

The Matrix Online has more customizing options, changing cloths changed your character’s appearance. I tried taking the blue pill, just to see what would happen, but it just went back to the selection box. Oh well, I guess most people will not be playing this game to be a blue pill person. They start you out by loading you into a ‘simulator’ for training. The training was not that informative, I could not figure out how to fight, and got my but kicked in the dojo. They use a rock, paper, scissor fighting style, with a few special moves. I could not figure out how to activate a special move, or a regular move for that matter. So my guy just kept on punching over and over again, until the other guy fell. I did not get an opportunity to try again, to see if I could figure it out this time, just jumped me to the next training. The tutorial got to explaining a hard line, your outside communication with Zion to download new skills, but I clicked the wrong mouse button and I was transported out of the tutorial right into the Matrix. No warning, no nothing. I do not know how to fight a cat, what the heck do I want to be out here where there are Agents?!? The start up is really cool, you see the world like Neo did at the end of The Matrix and it slowly fades to a world that most people see. I did not stick around to see if they had fixed the problems I saw with Enter the Matrix, like square wheels on the cars. Time to read the faqs. Ugg

I will try both games again some time, but for now I will be running over things with my Warthog. I know that this post is a violation of the terms of agreement, but I will not loose any sleep if they pull my access. Yep, my first impression is that good.



Thursday, November 04, 2004

Oh good, I didn't miss it. The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror XVis showing this Sunday (Nov 7). Happy days.


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

After the election thought...

Oh boy, am I glad that we are not going to be stuck in the courts for days. If Ohio was going to be recounted, then Pennsylvania should be recounted to keep it fair. But I guess we do not have to worry about that. If this did continue on for any length of time, I suggest they battle it out online. The Republican Dream Team vs. the Democrat Dream Team. The game would be Halo 2 and the winner is the best 2 out of 3.

I sooo want to take my Xbox to CNN! The wall of TVs, one for each state. Microsoft should try to get Halo 2's release party over there.

If California did ever have 'The Big One' it looks like it could become a Republican state. Um, I should probably find out what side of the fault I am on.

I guess everyone voted, the news hasn't reported P. Diddy having to kill anyone for not voteing.

Ok, now that this is over, lets get back to kicking terrorist’s butt and showing why America is the best country in the world.

UPDATE: No terrorist attacks! Good job to all the vigilant.

All day yesterday and today the Internet has been pretty sluggish. It would be interesting to see how much bandwidth and data usage had increased. Wonder how many months of the Steam Counter Strike it would take to equal the election day blog and media usage?


Monday, November 01, 2004

With all the talk about cheating and fraud this year for the elections, it got me to thinking. Will I be upset about the elections if I believe that the winner did so by fraud? Will I sit and whine about it? After thinking about it for some time, I do not think so. What good will it do? I do not see how crying about it will invoke any confidence in our country. The losing side could try to sue, but all that does is shows people that if you do not get the results you want, take it to court. People already say that their vote is not important. A trial where a judge decides the President would do nothing more than to support and validate that feeling. No, I think that the best course is to try and support the President, continue to try to make your views known, and make even more improvements for next time.

Will it surprise me if a person wins due to cheating? No. Who ever said cheaters never prosper, needs to wakeup. Asshats get the promotions, felons get the chicks, and liars get the better insurance settlement.

I just hope that who ever wins, does so by a large margin.

Oh boy, what a way to start the day. Apparently the college that I work at received its second bomb threat. The first one was a week ago on a Saturday. Nothing happened and nothing was found, but they evacuated and canceled the activities for the day as a precaution. Today's was just a call form the dean saying that if we want to take a coffee break around the time it is set to go off, we can. Apparently there have been a lot of threats going around the town, and nothing has happened, so they are no longer taking them seriously. When a co-worker was talking with the operator, she asked her if they heard anymore about the bomb threat, and she had no clue there was even one made. It was kept that low key. Boy, it is a good thing there gamble paid off...

Did I ever say I hate Mondays?


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