Thursday, September 30, 2004

GameSpy.com and HalfLife2.net have info on the sale package options for Half Life 2. No ideas on pricing. I am guessing they are trying to push the Steam Gold. Hum, I wonder why?


Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Gamespy.com's editorial branch is turning 5. To celibrate they are going over their most "Most Memorable" games. Reading them brings back memorys. I remebor lan partys and the screaming of Lone_Wolf as his head exsploded from a charge beam shot from all the way across the compound with Half Life. I recall some of the crazy late hours after work dropping by the tech department and playing Starcraft on big hunter, everyone against the PC, and then when they were just about crushed, everyone turns on each other. I never would have dreamed one could get payed to do that. Lucky, I want their job!

Happy birthday! Now if only I could write half as good, have half the readers, have a job that pays me to play games, and have companys giving me stuff to try out... lucky punks <*grumble*> I going to go play WH40K...


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I will never be buying from https://www.ascendtech.us/ again. I found them with pricewatch.com/ when I was looking for a 21" CRT so I do not go blind programming at work with a 17" CRT. Apparently my boss has approved bigger monitors for everyone three times, but the dean deep sixes it every time due to budget. I can understand tight budget, but after the Board gave all the deans a big bonuses for the third time, I just said forget it. I am buying my own. When hell freezes over and the school give us bigger ones, I will just use mine at home.

Ok, so I am on pricewatch, and I find several places that have cheep 21"s. Cheapest ones I skipped due to a really low approval score. I found AscendTech had a high 70% approval, and free FedEx. I ordered it. They charged my card that night (13th), and I heard nothing from them for a week. I called them on the 20th and they said it was on backorder and should be shipped out in a few days. I called again on the 23rd and they still did not ship, it was delayed, and should ship at the beginning of next week. I called today to cancel but they had just shipped it and gave me a FedEx tracking number. About damb time! They still showed on their sight that they still had them in stock all this time, and they never put on my tracking status that they are on backorder!

I should be getting my shipment on Friday. At this point I am now hopping that it will work. Now I just need the Techs to reinstall my OS. Four years on the same install of Windows 98 is got to be a record.

UPDATE: The monitor Died!


Monday, September 27, 2004

Well that just stinks. Instead of spending my weekend playing Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War, I have to reformat and reinstall XP. I should have left well enough alone, but I wanted to change my virtual drive software from 321 Studios(RIP 2002-2004) to FarStone’s Virtual Drive. Man what a pain! I ended up getting massive driver conflict problems even though I compleatly unistalled the one before installing the other!

The little bit that I plaid WH40K I can say I think it will be a kick ass game. I am likening it better than WarCraft 3. It is easier to work with the units and upgrade them. You work with a squad, but each member can be customized with his own weapon load out. Sweet! Even better is the fact you can replace fallen units in the heat of battle, as long as one guy is still standing. If you have not tried the demo yet, go get it off Fileplanet.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Frank J of IMAO gives a pretty good list of changes one should expect to see in the new and improved DVD release of Star Wars.

Other major changes include…

*The new EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliant Empire. The Storm troopers are no longer just white male suites. They now are colored and shaped to indicate there race, and gender.

*All civilian blasters have a max 10 round power cells, and none of them can look too military.

*Han Solo only has his blaster on stun when he shoots Greedo.

*The second Death Star is really a research facility to produce, and inject mitochlorians into volunteer storm troopers in an attempt to make all men equal.

*When the Emperor turns around in his chair to talk to Luke we see that he is shooting up and offers some to Luke, who responds. “Master Yoda told me not to do drugs, they are the way to the dark side.” Vader and the Emperor call Luke a “Mama’s boy” and a “girly man”

*The second Death Star blows up do to a Meth lab accident. Jar Jar flots by saying, “Mesa don’ta dosa drugsa.”

*Princess Leia shows that the Ewoks are proof that the Empire’s “No Child Left Behind” program failed.

*The AT-AT walkers are replaced with H2s

*TIE fighters have bumper stickers that say ‘Zero Green House Gas Emission Compliant’ thus explaining why they do not have enough power for shields.

*The Mos Eisley Cantina is replaced with a Starbucks.

I am just hoping that when George Lucas goes to hell for his sins of the prequels and new Star Wars, Fox will release the “classic” Star Wars.


Friday, September 17, 2004

Go checkout Slashdot as they are covering the George (The evil one) Lucas release of the pusified edition of Star Wars on DVD. The comments are very funny and everyone still has the same old grips about the originals being better. And it’s true, they are better, but alas, old man George sure knows better than us, right? What an asshole. You see George has this stupid Idea that you can own a piece of art. You can’t.

If I see a panting in a museum, the artist can’t come along latter and say, I have change my painting and you must only remember my new version because I own! BRuww HAWWWHAW! A piece of art is in reality an idea of the mind and once you make an Idea public, everybody owns it. We simply give people the right to make money off of their ideas as a way of encouraging people to create other great ideas (No, we did not have Ja Ja in mind). Thus Lucas does not own star wars; he just has the temporary rights to make money off of it. In the same way, no one should ever be allowed to buy the copywrite to something and then never allow it to be distributed as this would violate the concept that they are to make money from spreading this idea. If they don’t attempt to spread it, why should we allow them to hold the copy right? Fine Lucas try to hide away these original classics but if you do, you should lose the copy right. You cannot own an idea.

Now if we could just get congress to change the laws…

Lone Wolf

Finally! The computer Gods are good! I am back online at home finally! I recently moved and I wanted to try cable internet for a change. After a bunch of hassles I was finally able to save 100 bucks and still get online about a 1 day after I signed up for Comcast broad band. Comcast being by its very nature a shitty company (as all Cable companies are thus by definition) wanted me pay an extra 100 bucks for the “full service install” that all first time Comcast customers have to go though. This was after I had battered their website into letting to do the 10 dollar self install kit (What a joke, 10 bucks for a cd!) and then they emailed me telling that as a first time customer I had to pay for the 100 bucks for the “full service” install. I replied asking if this “full service” included a pretty Blond girl giving me a BJ, but they said most of their installers were guys, so that was out. Like I really need someone to tell me how to setup my network! What do they take me for, a Mac using AOLer? Fuck them. So I did the cleaver thing by signing up for their basic cable (11 bucks a month 30 bucks to setup) and then on the same day they did the cable setup I ordered the self install kit. Instead of waiting for the kit, I called up Comcast support (they are open 24/7 and surprisingly easy to get a hold of, and nice too. At least that part has changed, but the rip off prices are the same.) and I had them do a manual modem registration. Thus I got the internet almost the same day as my shitty basic cable and I saved enough money to go and find that pretty blond for a BJ. In all I was pretty happy with myself. Hey Dark Indy, you got any 384k a second download speeds? :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Get out and Vote! For your favorite marketing icon and slogan that is. My vote goes for the California Raisins® and Almond Joy/Mounds "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Hum, may be Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 was onto something when it comes to Russia's fealings about America. I realy hope not, I was hoping that this tragidy would help unite us, but then I guess Spain's tragidy didn't do that either. If I see Yuri, I am going to start sweating.


Sunday, September 05, 2004

‘No good deed shall go unpunished’

I lent one of my cars to my cousin for a few days. It was returned to me with a 1200+ more miles on it, a blown water pump, egged, and used as a garbage dumpster. I guess that is what I get for helping him fix up his junk camaro, and letting him use one of my cars so he does not loose his job.


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Went to another concert, this time at the new Antelope Valley Fair grounds. I thought Anaheim was bad with traffic, they don’t have anything on Lancaster. They should fire the dip that came up with the design for parking. They go from having five or more entrances at the old location, down to only one entrance. To make maters worse, they have four rows of cars merging down to one, the handicap parking had to cut across all the rows to a lot on the opposite side, pedestrians walking in front of traffic to get to the fair entrance, and if that was not enough toss in turn signals that did not work, and a shooting in the large open dirt field turned unofficial parking lot right across from the fair. I am surprised all the dry weeds did not catch on fire and burn up all the cars. Some people just jumped the curb and skipped the lines and skipped the parking fee. Dumb city did not put up a fence.

I did not get a chance to walk around the fair grounds much, because parking took up all the time I planed to use to do so. The concert was REO Speedwagon and Styx. Great seats. The first ten rows are $50 a pop, and everything else at ground level was $25. The bleachers were free to first come first serve, which was a cool gesture, considering it is a family affair. Actually the free seats may have been better, because the paid seating was just a bunch of folding chairs zip tied together, making for some crowed seating. Luckily not everyone showed up so it was not too bad.

REO was first group up. They were great; I just wish I had known more of their songs. They were all over the stage trying to get the crowd going. About half way threw one of the guys from Styx came out and joined them on for one of their songs. Lot of fun.

When Styx came out they right away got the crowd going. The way they were dressed reminded me of ring masters for a circus. The electric keyboard was on a spinning stand, and he just danced all over playing that thing. In the second song there was some technical difficulty and they lost all power to the speakers, but everyone just sang right along. About half way threw one of the guys from REO came out again and joined in for a song.

Both groups had a lot of power and a lot of energy and some kick ass riffs. Lots of fun.

Traffic getting out was even worse, some lines did not move at all. Watched as one guy in his truck just jumped the curb and then someone in a BMW tried the same thing. Messed up his undercarriage, thought for sure he was going to get stuck. I wanted so badly to be able to drive by, point and laugh at his dumb ass. No such luck, somehow he kept enough traction to get free. Darn.

The AV Fair's new location gets a rating of fair, what little I did see, but the parking gets a major flunking. Only Lancaster can take something good, and make it worse.


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