Sunday, October 08, 2006

Well it has been a busy time. Which is good, it keeps me from getting in trouble and from thinking too much. My sister is back at UCI, I think it is about three weeks now. She is enjoying her classes. Unfortunately every time she calls to talk, I am pre-occupied with something, and don’t really give her the attention she deserves. I need to do stop doing that, or she needs to get better timing. LoL. It would also help if I had something either than just work WoW to talk about.

My grandparents are doing ok. I found out that my Grandmother has a hernia she has been suffering threw for the last month. I to her it is just another pain to deal with, until she can have the time to have it looked at. She has been more worried about my Grandfather and his depression, back pain, and retirement worries. Still, I am a little annoyed that she didn’t get it looked at until now. On the other hand I guess I should be glad she did get it looked at this soon, after all she has been suffering from arthritic since she was 17, and has just recently been getting any real treatment for it. My family is a little head strong.

I hit 60 on my first toon in WoW. I have been screwing around with a dwarf hunter for over a year and a half now. It never has been my goal to be in end game content, or get the bets loot, I just enjoyed screwing around hunting horde and goofing off with quests from time to time. Now the expansion pack is coming out in a few months, so I guess I have some good timing. I will be start heading to 70 at the same time as everyone else does. Maybe I will hit 61 by the time someone hits 70.

These last few weeks at work have been hard, but not to bad. It is reporting time again, and my boss is so over-whelmed. She is working ten to twelve hour days. So we haven’t been car pooling. I wish I can help her out, but the only thing I can do is to buckle down and do my job to the best of my ability. She has enough on her hands; I don’t want her to worry about me and my performance also. I am trying to remember and do all the things that she requested of me over the years, things that she asked that I do to help her with her stress. So I do my best to keep her e-mailed on significant issues, and keep her and her right hand guy cced on all the e-mail communications I have with my users. She has been so busy that when she made lunch planes with me, we didn’t even get half way down the hallway before she turned around and said she wasn’t sure why she is getting lunch, she has too many things to do if she hopes to leave to catch any of her football show. This really threw me for a loop, and I spent lunch in a quiet place trying to stabilize my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. It doesn’t take as long as it used to. I was good before I finished my lunch. I know nothing and no one gets between her and her football. Beside she didn’t go out with anyone else, so she wasn’t trying to get out of lunch with me, she just didn’t have the time.

Friday I found out completely by accident that the lady we gave a camera to has stepped up her retirement plans by a year. She is going to retire about the end of the month. I have no delusions or thought of being invited to that party. Why should I, I wasn’t wanted for her birthday, I wasn’t invited to her daughter’s wedding, I was only told after about how much fun they had at the happy hour events. Why would the retirement be any different? I will sign the card that the campus always has for the retries. It is not like she will never be back. No one ever fully retires on our campus; they just come back as part timers.

She has only told me ‘little white lies’ every time I do see her. When she asked me what it is I am upset about, she assured me that now everything is going to change. It hasn’t. I only got my memory stick I lent her for the wedding because she asked my boss to give it to me. When she came up to the office the other day, she gave me a little Halloween bag, a ‘Trick or Treat,’ and went running off to the other people in the office when she laughed, talked and disturbed everyone in the office for over an hour. I guess one good thing that is coming out of all this. I won’t feel any difference when she retires. I haven’t done anything with her for the last eight months. Hell, she could have retired and I would have only found out due to the campus events email. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Live, learn, move on. At least I am not like several of the men they would always talk about and make fun of during the happy hours I was invited to before I got sick. Men that can’t let go and move on. Men that I have seen begging to be back in the ‘group.’ No more will I beg. No more will I be that pathetic.

One day at a time.


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