Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is a video my friend took of him, my brother, and I owning a 69 and 48 ret pally last night. The 54 lock had been another guy we wasted earlier, and thought he could get some vengeance. I'm a 55 druid, friend 56 rouge, bother 56 warrior.


Friend was getting wailed on when I was feared by the lock. So the last second heal was not any plan, but I could swear you can hear the pally scream at that last 92 health that stood in the way of victory. =D

I enjoy world PvP. That to me is where the pride is. BG is too run of the mill, and Arena blows chunks. No danger of a loss turning into a camping fest, or ganking. My best memories are PvP servers before BG, running around contested territory, or defending my home land.


Monday, April 20, 2009

WTF? They let a boarder hopper that "allegedly" was in a hit and run of two USC students out on $5oK bail?

Let me get this straight. His wife hits two people, killing one 18 year old and plastering the 19 year old girl to the windshield. The man gets out of the passenger seat, peals the bleeding girl off his windshield like a bug, and leaves her on the middle of the road to die. I am guessing they stopped only because the windshield whipper failed to dislodge her after several hundred feet of driving. Then he goes to Mexico, only to be caught while coming back in the states from a random ID check. Then you let him go on bail? The guy has "allegedly" shown he is not fit to be in our society, plus a flight risk, why give him bail at all?

The worst part, if the wife is convicted, she could only serve up to eight years in jail. More then likely she will get it reduced to time served, and community service.

Now if she had been driving drunk, would she have had the book thrown at her? Looks like it, this man sounds early similar is facing 15 to life. (admittedly he is a repeat DUI idiot, but this is his first hit and run.)

So what is the moral of the story for the 7 month old kid in the back seat of the car? Don't drink and hit n run.


Friday, April 17, 2009

I always wondered what guarantee there was that a game I bought "new" at EB games was indeed new. Looks like they got busted.

It always bugged me that the game I bought new or used came out of the same drawer. I hate buying games for places that open the game, and put the clam shell on a shelf and the game and papers in a drawer. Having that cellophane seal broken, removed the only proof that a game is new. Now I have to take the word of the pothead employee that spent 25 minutes looking in every draw for the game that the baggy he finally pulled out was the "new" one. Trust that he wasn't being lazy, or just grabbed the first one he found. Hoping that he got at least the right game system.

Half the time I end up with a scratched disk from the way the employee handled it. I can't return it even if I am standing there at the counter, because I broke the sticker seal when I checked my game.

I know they do this for "security reasons" but something always felt wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if a few stores that follow this practice have a disk duplication system in the back room.

Needless to say, I only buy used from these stores as a last resort.


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