Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I honestly think that working under a grant has been the worst carer move I have ever made. It has stifled my creativity, my learning, and has alienated me from the rest of my department. I hoped that I would learn new things, but it has done nothing to help broaden my knowledge base.

I guess if I had just started working here it wouldn't have been bad. The position had opened up, and it was a higher level than I was working at. I had been working here for 5+ years, and saw this as the only way I could get a promotion. Also there was talk of being funded to take classes, get training, and passably even get some off sight training.

I will forever regret this. I have learned very little new. I don't look forward to coming to work anymore. I am isolated from most discussions and decisions in my department. Everything I work on is dictated by a committee outside my department. I am board out of my mind most of the time doing mundane projects. The only improvement I see is a slightly bigger paycheck. I haven't received any funding beyond a order of pencils, pens, and notepads.


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