Sunday, May 30, 2004

Well the Memorial Day weekend is about half over. It started out with a bang, replacing an oil pump in my car.
Now that I have had my fix of pulling things apart, I think I will spend the rest of the week staying clean. I could just slack around and watch the Hitler Channel, or I could frag someone. Now what game to play? I just got Call of Dutylast week and it is prity fun. It reminds me a lot of Medal of Honor but with a lot more emphasis on working with your team. I was also thinking of playing Day of Defeat, but the last time I went to play it I could not figure out what the most resent patch for it was. I could always go with Battlefield 1942, nothing is cooler than driving tanks, jeeps, and assult ships around, fraging everyone. Of all the WWII games out there, I think it is still the only one that has stuff you can drive around in.
So this weekend, well some are BBQing and eating enough chips to clog an artery, I will be waging war on my own battle field. To all the Vets, I thank you. Have a safe and happy weekend, and remebor do not drink and drive a jeep.


Sunday, May 23, 2004

So I hear the buzz is all about half life 2 again. According to, uh, well just about everyone it’s going to be the best freaken game ever made. TOTAL BULLSHIT. The best game ever made was fallout 1 and 2. The only game in history were you could go from giving a mutant a buzz cuts with a mini gun to fucking a drug addicted whore walking the streets working for her( or his) habit. You could be the nicest guy around or you could blow away anybody who pisses you off (And we are talking about total gore kills, like have half of you body blown off). You could talk you way out of a fight or you could snipe em at long distance. You could Satan pleasing be evil thug, or a good little tushoe with a nicety, nice little bitch attitude. You got a rep for you actions too. Good or bad, people knew you for your actions. The future is a nuclear waste land you are there to steal, rob, and generally bitch slap your way though life. The game was like the road warrior without cars. You could customize yourself unheard of way (Gotta love that good lover attribute and that bloody mess attribute was always cool too :-) and the selection of weapons is intense. Every thing from spiked knuckles and cattle prod to plasma weapons and rocket launchers. And when you really needed that door opened, you could hack a computer system or you could just blow up it up with some c4. You could pick up a pet dog by feeding it some rat burgers. AH, dogmeat… he was such a cool dog. Saved my ass so many times when bandits or muties were playing slap the bitch with my carcass. He never did much damage, but he sure was good a knocking people out right when you needed it. The humor of this game was really uh, fiftyish. Just tons upon tons of references to flying saucers, Elvis, and other pop culture type icons. The npc's in this game were very funny too.

And if you happen to run into a crashed spaceship, remember to give the little green men the Elvis portrait…. :)

Oh and Dark Indy, I am so going to kick your ass from here to hell when half life 2 comes out. Get ready for some more jump dodging and freaken lucky missile hits. (And no more freaken satchel charge frags this time!)

And yes half life 2 will totally rock, but the classics will always be the best.

Lone Wolf


Thursday, May 20, 2004

We it took me a week of working at it every free moment but I finally finished it. The biggest Lego I have seen sold ever. The Imperial Star Destroyer This thing is a monster. That's right Lone_wolf, I got mine a month after you, and I still beat you. Who's the Lego man? Now if only I put this much time into my car, or a girlfriend; instead of in games and Legos, I may have my car running and a girl in the passenger seat. May be I should re-evaluate my prioritys. Ya, I will do that right after I play it the Ninja Gaiden Master Tournament
Some day I got to get around to putting pics up on this blog.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Looks like CD and DVD may have a smaller life than people said. Noooooooo! Even more reason for them to let us back up our movies and games.

Well E3 starts today. I got so caught up playing Ninja Gaiden that I forgot to fill out and send in my paperwork before the dead line. Yes, I am hopeless. Game Spy and IGN have good stuff on E3. Well there is always next year. They will probly still have demos for Half-Life 2. Right next to the Duke Nukem Forever booth.

Is this for real?


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Ok, so I am one of the saps that got Counter Strike Condition Zero. Same old Counter Strike, just prettier.
To play online you have to use Valve's Steam network. The game play, skins, and maps are exactly the same, just more detailed. It is like the high definition upgrade they gave with Blue Shift.
The biggest difference with CS:CZ is that it gives you bots and single player campaigns.
The bots are really good. They camp, rescue hostages, plant bombs, defuse bombs, and can work in a group. I do not know how bots are more desirable, when you can always find a server with people. Killing a bot cannot compare to the satisfaction you get when you take out the lead person. The only thing I can find desirable with this is if the bots can come in and be replaced on the next round when a person joins or leaves to max out the players. This would make even the small servers more fun. Oh, and the bots do not cheat.
The single player campaigns are challenges that use the same maps you use in the multi-player games. Each challenge has a minimum of three rounds, which will increases until you complete all the objectives or the Ts win more rounds than you do. The challenges are good for anyone new to or experienced with CS, they will force you to try different weapons, or to rescue hostages. This is because each challenge will have different objectives, rescue so many hostages, kill this many Ts with a particular weapon, beat the round in so many seconds. You have some help with a team of bots that you assemble before each challenge. Some times they are too good, and win the round before I can complete an objective. If you die before the round is over your team will continue on as you watch in spectator mode to see the outcome of the round.
The game is not what I was expecting and I would be lying if I said I was not a little bit disappointed with it. I was expecting a lot more maps, a lot more weapons, and some new skins. Than again I was expecting Half-life 2 to be coming out soon.


Saturday, May 01, 2004

Ok, Cool, I am so stoked. Van-Halen is back together and on tour! I got my tickets to both the Staples Center (went there for Bon Jovi’s Bounce concert) and the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim (never been there). I got to call my concert buddy and let him know. This is so cool. Eddy, Alex, Mike, and Sammy. I heard rumors that Van-Halen was looking at getting back together. I am so glad that they got Sammy. I am sorry to say it but at the Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth concert Sammy just out shined Roth. This is coming from a big time Roth fan. Well it should be totally kick ass.


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