Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Games I think people play and why.

President Gorge W. Bush
Game: Outlaws
Likes: being able to solve problems with a peace maker
Dislikes: Cannot do cool pistol spinning after shooting a bad guy
Runner up: Sim City

John Kerry
Game: Battle Field Vietnam
Likes: being able to pilot a swift boat
Dislikes: Not realistic enought, No war crimes to be seen, and no medals to be earned
Runner up: Duck Hunt

Steven Denbeste of USS Clueless
Game: The Incredible Machine
Likes: build huge creations that elegantly solve a puzzle.
Dislikes: some one will complain about the design
Runner up: Lost Vikings

Frank J of IMAO
Game: Max Payn
Likes: Lots of mods
Dislikes: no monkeys to shoot.
Runner up: Escape from Monkey Island

Tanya of Redsurger
Game: Command and Conquer Red Alert 2
Likes: one of the main characters is named after her
Dislikes: taking orders
Runner up: Sid Meier's Civilization II

Saddam Hussein
Game: Missile Command
Likes: shooting down the infidel American bombs, defending his presidential palaces
Disslikes: never enough missiles
Runner up: Tropico

Michael Moore
Game: Pac Man
Likes: Chasing spooks named Bush, Cheney , Rumsfeld , and Halliburton
Dislikes: being chased by the spooks
Runner up: Beyond Good and Evil


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