Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Do you want to go to exotic places for your vacation, but don't want to pay the high gas prices or hassle the long lines at the airport? Then book a trip to majestic Azeroth. Here are just a few activities Azeroth has to offer you and your family.

Shop the many fine stores at Ironforge and Stormwind City. See master crafts men practice their arts at the Great Forge. Sore threw the air on our many breath taking tour packages atop our no-wait gryphons. Frolic in the snow covered hills of Dun Morden, or wander threw the searing deserts of Burning Steap. Hunt Wild Boar and Black Bears or lay back and fish in relaxing Loch Modan. Explore the caves of the Deadmines or the Wailing Caverns*. Take an ocean cruse to new and mysterious lands. Meet and hear stories from the locals. Dine at our many fine loges and inns. Ride the open planes atop a gallant horse or a Mechano-Strider**.

This summer don't just travel to the same old place and see the same old things. Travel in style and see a place that is like no other.

* Some restrictions apply. Exploration is taken at your own risk. Visitors are responsible for any loss of life, limb, loot, or delays on their own part that is caused by beast, undead, trogg, Horde, ninja looter, China farmer, or any other 'red letter' mobs. Visitors may need to run quests to earn gold.
** Must be level 40 or higher to ride mounts.
Warning, visiting Azeroth may cause feelings of being in a 'time warp.' In most cases side affects include forgetting to eat, running late or missing appointments, and loss of sleep. In very rare cases people have over dosed on Coke or completely lost track of what day it is. If symptoms persist, seek an alarm clock's help.


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