Saturday, July 24, 2004

OK, GameSpy has some news about HalfLife 2. "At our current rate of find/fix bugs, we'll be down to zero bugs in 16 days."  Very cool.  Found a video clip of Counter Strike Source.  Sweat; love the water splashing due to the bullets.  I love the idea of seeing the impact like that.  It reminds me of the mini-gun seen in The Matrix.  Hope they remember to check their security... Do not want a repeat of last year. Well I guess the leak did not hurt them too much.  Doom 3 is just barely beating it out on the shelves. 

Gamespy also has hands on for Ninja Gaiden Hurricane Pack Vol. 1.  Lame sounding name, but oh well.  Sounds like they have made a few changes.  White Ninjas right off the bat, ouch!!  

I am putting together a Linux server to store all my music, Virtual drive images, and other stuff, and free up some drive space. Hopefully I can figure out how to make it an ftp server to boot, then I can start putting pics up and make some other changes to this blog. 


Thursday, July 22, 2004

OK, no mater what side of the politacal fence you are on, I think this will make you bust up. This land is a great atom film that has Bush and Kerry throwing jabs at each other. Everyone was laughing in the office about this.


Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wow, I hope everything is going all right with you Lone_wolf.  I see the news said that there is a new fire out in Santa Clarita.  Man that sucks.  This has been twice since you moved up there.

Well I got my XBox running. YES!  My original problem is that the drive is making the vibrating sounds of an off balance drive and not reading anything.  Had to do some playing around to get it to work.  I searched the net about fixing and replacing XBox parts and found out that the Samsung drive I had was the best on of the three OEM drives.  Hum, it did not even last a year. Oh well, guess I played NG too much.  So with some research I found that you could get a mod DVD Samsung 616T drive that would be faster and better.  So I ordered one.  Only thing I did not find out was that you have to mod your XBox case to get it to fit.  The connectors are plug and play.  I do not want to cut up my case, so I open up both drives.   The insides are 80% the same!  I just swapped out the guts of the laser and drive unit and I am back in business.   I did not swap any of the boards, so I was holding my breath when I turned it on.  I am not sure if this is recommended, but hey, I like to mess with things.  It was already broken, so what was I going to do?  Break it some more?  Well, ya, I guess I would be out the money spent on the new drive.  I should have done more research first, before buying, and before pulling apart and gutting the drives.  Oh well.  It works right now, and that is all that matters.  Excuse me, the XBox is calling..... 


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Fallout 3 will not die with Interplay's mess ups. Yes! I hope it will be good, I hope it will be none linear, I hope it will be nothing like Fallout for the XBox! That alown should have doomed Interplay. Take Fallout, make it were very little you do affects the out come of the game play, make it to were there is only one way to do something, add a ton of bad language, and get rid of the cool story line, and you have Fallout Brotherhood of Steal. Well here is hoping.


Monday, July 12, 2004

Wow, great. That was fun. It is always fun showing up the sys admin and figuring out something in hour that he could not in days. The praise from the boss, the sadifaction of being able to figure out a problem, the sys admin pissed off at you for making him look a fool. It is even more fun thinking that he is going to go postal, and now I have an even bigger red target on my back... Just the other day I was jumpy thinking the sound of him loading a stapler was the loading of a magazine. Learn something new every day, all I get is more ulcers, instead of raises. Guess that is the rat race, turning something you love to do, into something you dread to do.

Now got that out of my system. Played more Ground Control 2 over the weekend. This time I pumped the res upto 1600X1200 and it looked be-u-ti-full. Hope Half Life 2 will look this great.

Played some Counter-Strike also. Man the new skins threw me off. They look good. I went around some maps chaseing after a Terrorest before I realized that he was a T and not a CT. This happened a couple times. Not sure if the server was a FF one or not, but I play as if it is just so I can play FF servers without pissing people off. Had some hackers on the server, using a skin hack and some sort of warp hack. What is the point of cheating on a multi-player game? I do not get it.

Still waiting for my XBox Drive. It should be in Tuesday. Let you know how that goes. Ninja Gaiden.....

Well that is it for now. Should make more a point to post more. Guess this is what happens when you get two gamers that would rather play games than to write about them....


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wow! What a weekend. Woot, I got to work on my cars. Still waiting for the drive for my Xbox, but even if it was running not sure if I would have had time to play on that.

I went and saw Spider-Man 2. All I have to say is WOW. Go see it.

OK. Everyone likes free. So here are some links to some free, completely legal games. I love FilePlanet. They have most all the patches and stuff I need for my games, and since I subscribed I do not have to wait. No, I am not getting any kick backs from them (though that would be nice) I just like to easily find my patches. It is highly annoying when the publisher will not even fork out for the bandwidth for there own patches, but send you off to some mirror sight. We here are some of the games I have found....

Ground Control
One Must Fall
Starsiege: Tribes
Steel Panthers: World at War

I love it. All the deveolopers for thease games are/have relesed a sequil to the games, and inorder to help promote the new game, they freely give out their origanal. I think more companys should do this.

Oh by the way, Ground Controle 2, great game. I have just got it, and played it a little, but I am impressed. It is the game that Command & Conqure Generals should have been. The detail is just amasing, and it is pritty easy to play. I am not too sure about the story, but it has got to be better than playing the GLA. I felt like I needed to take a shower after playing that campaine.


Friday, July 02, 2004

NO!!!! WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?!?!? WHY!? I'm a good person, I am nice, don't kick the dogs, I work hard and pay my taxes. So why did this have to happen to me?

I am still in shock that this has happened. It has taken me two days to gather myself to be able to write about it. This is not for the week of heart. Ok, here I go... My XBox DVD drive has taken a dump. Oh the humanity! No more Ninja Gaiden, no more Project Gotham Racing 2. Well at least for a week until I get my replacement drive in the mail. I did not take it in for warranty work. Why pay almost the cost of a new box, for a fixed box? At least this way I got to do some research and find a better drive. Love the fact that Microsoft made the box from off the shelf parts.


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