Monday, July 12, 2004

Wow, great. That was fun. It is always fun showing up the sys admin and figuring out something in hour that he could not in days. The praise from the boss, the sadifaction of being able to figure out a problem, the sys admin pissed off at you for making him look a fool. It is even more fun thinking that he is going to go postal, and now I have an even bigger red target on my back... Just the other day I was jumpy thinking the sound of him loading a stapler was the loading of a magazine. Learn something new every day, all I get is more ulcers, instead of raises. Guess that is the rat race, turning something you love to do, into something you dread to do.

Now got that out of my system. Played more Ground Control 2 over the weekend. This time I pumped the res upto 1600X1200 and it looked be-u-ti-full. Hope Half Life 2 will look this great.

Played some Counter-Strike also. Man the new skins threw me off. They look good. I went around some maps chaseing after a Terrorest before I realized that he was a T and not a CT. This happened a couple times. Not sure if the server was a FF one or not, but I play as if it is just so I can play FF servers without pissing people off. Had some hackers on the server, using a skin hack and some sort of warp hack. What is the point of cheating on a multi-player game? I do not get it.

Still waiting for my XBox Drive. It should be in Tuesday. Let you know how that goes. Ninja Gaiden.....

Well that is it for now. Should make more a point to post more. Guess this is what happens when you get two gamers that would rather play games than to write about them....


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