Sunday, June 06, 2004

The rules of dating are more complicated than any RPG or RTS game known to man. No mater how many different variables and features there are in games, they pail in comparison to the game of dating…
First off the girl (or guy) has so many different attributes. The physical attributes alone are astounding, skin color, hair color, hair style, body build, eye color, piercings, tattoos, cloths, and many other things. That is normally what you see that attracts you to a person, and any of these can and often times will change. You learn more of the attributes by observing. The sound of the voice, temperament, and attitude are just a hand full. If you like what you see you may then try approaching to interact with her. Hopefully she is not a non-playable character and you get a dialog going. Unfortunately there is no dialog box with predetermined response. You are on your own to use your skills of communication, wit, and persuasion. Maybe you will succeed and get a phone number. Some people make it look so easy, but remember that is because they are at a higher skill level. Do not worry if you get defeated, you still earned skill points. It just may be that she did not like your attributes or her status is ‘already has a boy friend’, ‘married’, or ‘wants all guys to die.’ You still have religious preference, political class, and many other things to contend with.
There is a whole new set of rules if you succeed and get a new quest. Now resource management comes into play, the resources being Time and Money. Time gets processed in the research labs to find places to go, things to do, and to gather intelligence on her other skills and attributes. Money gets converted directly into candy, gifts, flowers, tickets, meals, and other things. Use any one too fast and it could prove disastrous, or use them too often and it becomes less effective. Even the best laid out plans can be over run by a rush of bad luck, or besieged by an on slot of personal issues, or just a constant raid of different forces. Remember to always keep an eye on your resources because they have a tendency to get used up quickly. Sometimes you can convert one resource to another, but this can be problematic.
There are more factors, variables, and skills involved than can possibly be covered in a million years. There are strategy guides out there and even some cheat codes. Friends, magazines, websites, and books offer a lot of tips and pointers. Scientist in all the spam I get clamed that there are ‘cheat code’ perfumes and pheromones available. How ever you decide to play the game, good luck. End of briefing. Loading game grid....


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