Friday, October 29, 2004

OK, so Hello only post one photo at a time. Good to note. Here is my girl. Do not drool too much. You will mess up your keyboard.


Here is my girl. She is a 1967 Mercury Cougar. The power plant is a 302, with custom painted valve covers by yours truely! Yah, Lone_Wolf, the first pics had to deal with my car.

PSP price has been anounced. It will sell for about $195!. Not the best price, but better than $300. If the kid has to choose between an ipod or a PSP, wonder wich will win out?

Guild Wars is having a Preview Event this weekend where anyone can play it for free!

Darn S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is going to be delaeyd


Thursday, October 28, 2004

Totally sweat! A mod for Jedi Academy that updates the original dark forces! Oh man, I have many fond memories of this game. It had some of the coolest guns, the story was the good, and the Dark Troopers scared the tar out of me. Maybe it is just the fact this was my first FPS that makes it stick in my head so much, naaa.

The very first mission had me hooked. Infiltrate a Imperial base to gather intel. Blasted lots of Storm troopers and found some disk. The disk turned out to be the Death Star blue prints! What a way to tie into the move!

The Ion Gun was one of the coolest weapons I have ever used. Just fire and a flame of blue ion engulfed every one in the area! The mortar launcher was really cool sounding. Trip mines were a nightmare, one room was covered with them. Man what a night mare.

The first time I encountered a Dark Trooper, it was quite a sight. A black skeleton, with glowing red eye, and it deflected all the laser shots! That freaked me out, and it was running right for me! I ran into a maze to recollect myself, only to find he had come around the other way and was behind me! For quite a while I freaked every time I heard one. Just when I started getting use to them, the Dark Trooper Two shows up. Oh boy, he wasted me with a wall of plasma and missiles before I could even turn around.

The attention to detail put into the game was great. Ya, the characters were 2d, but the sounds and the map layout was the best. The levels were alot of fun, and it was very easy to get caught up in them.


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Deus Ex may not be to far away. On second thought, maybe Ghost in a Shell is just around the corner!


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Well I did it. I signed up for Fileplanets The Matrix Online Closed Beta

The thing that pissed me off the most is that half way threw creating an account; Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. required a credit card number. Even thought they say right up in bright red letter that they will not charge my card. So what do they need it for? Is this like some porn sight that they only use your card for 'age verification' wink wink. Nothing on the page to give me any hint, so I searched the only link, the dreaded Terms of Uses page! Oh good lord, can they get any drier? Basically you have no rights, WB is god! OK, finally under the Fee-Based Services part I find out what is up with the credit card. "Fee-based services", so what is that going to be? Will there be virtual prostitutes, or flashers? I read in a game mag, that you will be able to 'upload' programs into your characters, like Trinity did for the chopper. So are they going to charge for the super level 25 ninja uploads? I do not know, but I guess I best be careful, and watch my statement.

I cannot say anything about the game yet, I have not downloaded it and they made me swear with 5 'I agree' check boxes to that affect. Atleast untill it is released.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Games I think people play and why.

President Gorge W. Bush
Game: Outlaws
Likes: being able to solve problems with a peace maker
Dislikes: Cannot do cool pistol spinning after shooting a bad guy
Runner up: Sim City

John Kerry
Game: Battle Field Vietnam
Likes: being able to pilot a swift boat
Dislikes: Not realistic enought, No war crimes to be seen, and no medals to be earned
Runner up: Duck Hunt

Steven Denbeste of USS Clueless
Game: The Incredible Machine
Likes: build huge creations that elegantly solve a puzzle.
Dislikes: some one will complain about the design
Runner up: Lost Vikings

Frank J of IMAO
Game: Max Payn
Likes: Lots of mods
Dislikes: no monkeys to shoot.
Runner up: Escape from Monkey Island

Tanya of Redsurger
Game: Command and Conquer Red Alert 2
Likes: one of the main characters is named after her
Dislikes: taking orders
Runner up: Sid Meier's Civilization II

Saddam Hussein
Game: Missile Command
Likes: shooting down the infidel American bombs, defending his presidential palaces
Disslikes: never enough missiles
Runner up: Tropico

Michael Moore
Game: Pac Man
Likes: Chasing spooks named Bush, Cheney , Rumsfeld , and Halliburton
Dislikes: being chased by the spooks
Runner up: Beyond Good and Evil

Things I would like to see in Counter Strike Source, or any other game. I have not bought the game, yet mind you, this is just my own wish list. I think it would be totally bitching if counter strike source had a more responsive environment than the original CS.

I want to be able to blow chunks of rock out of pillars in Aztec, like Neo does in the Matrix lobby shootout. I want to see fruit fly, vender stands break, and wine leak from the barrels when other pray and spray round the market place in Italy. I think I would spend more time trashing the market place and shooting up pillars, than shooting the occasional terrorist nuisance. I hope that the wood doors can be splintered to shreds, and fall off their hinges from people shooting threw them, or be able to shoot the handles off locked doors like people always do in movies. The bodies of fallen comrades and bullet casings should stay where they fall, and not fade away, so I can see that I may be walking into a sniper trap. People with rifles should not be able to shoot a person that is right in their face, I want to see some depth given to the weapons. For that mater, the scope on the sniper rifles should always be right on, none of this stuff where it hits in the general spot. If they want to emulate steadying a rifle, have the scope move around more due to recoil or setting up for the first time, but if I pull the trigger that one split second the cross hairs are on the target, I should hit that target. It would be totally cool if I could stand with my back to the wall by a corner with my knife, and smack it into the head if the guy that is running by.

Ok, so maybe more realism does not always work out for games .


Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Counter Strike Source is on sale tomorrow! First look at what the pricing will be for the game packs. OWCH! $50 for two game, no one knows when one of them will be realeased.
That is a bit hard to swallow. $10 more for Day of Defeat and Half Life 1 Source. A wopping $30 more for a bunch of 'collector' junk! Owch! I was thinking of buying the gold pack just cause I thought it would be cool to come to work with a Half-Life 2 hat, but not that cool.

I was thinking about buying from Steam. Get the game instantly, help screw over a French company that stole from Interplay , and get some more cool stuff because I am buying from the publisher. I think I will wait and see what specials Best Buy will have. Atleast when they sell it, it will be finished and no possability of it being on hold for another year. Do not forget all the poor people that went out and bought the vidio card HL2 bundle. Now their card is a year old, and a couple hundred bucks cheaper. And the game still has not been realesed. Maybe another six months.

Ok don't be supprised if I start talking about all the cool stuff I got when I bought the gold pack tomorrow.


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