Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Counter Strike Source is on sale tomorrow! First look at what the pricing will be for the game packs. OWCH! $50 for two game, no one knows when one of them will be realeased.
That is a bit hard to swallow. $10 more for Day of Defeat and Half Life 1 Source. A wopping $30 more for a bunch of 'collector' junk! Owch! I was thinking of buying the gold pack just cause I thought it would be cool to come to work with a Half-Life 2 hat, but not that cool.

I was thinking about buying from Steam. Get the game instantly, help screw over a French company that stole from Interplay , and get some more cool stuff because I am buying from the publisher. I think I will wait and see what specials Best Buy will have. Atleast when they sell it, it will be finished and no possability of it being on hold for another year. Do not forget all the poor people that went out and bought the vidio card HL2 bundle. Now their card is a year old, and a couple hundred bucks cheaper. And the game still has not been realesed. Maybe another six months.

Ok don't be supprised if I start talking about all the cool stuff I got when I bought the gold pack tomorrow.


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