Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Nintendo, as of late has not been a company that I have been all that pleased with. The Game Cube only had 2 or 3 exclusive titles that are worth buying, and right now it looks like the GB DS is fallowing in its foot steps. I was surprised to hear that Nintendo was even going to be able to make a new console, but it looks like Nintendo had to show one at E3, even if it was just a case. The only thing that may make it worth getting is this lofty statement.
It will be entirely possible to download a back catalog of NES, SNES and N64 games spanning some 20 years to the Revolution via the Wi-Fi connectivity. Details on how this is exactly going to be possible and any potential costs involved were not forthcoming

So will this be all the titles, or just the official Nintendo ones? I guess that would be one way to combat the ROM games. If they make the download/subscription price reasonable, I may go for it. I can just see the commercials for it. Space Odyssey music, Donkey Kong, and the black Revolution...

The Game Boy Micro looks kind of cool, but how many times are they going to reinvent the same old product? Wasn't it last years E3 that they came out with a Zelda shield and sword and talked about the new Zelda game? I do not see a whole lot of content in what Nintendo showed, just like their game systems. Too bad.


Monday, May 23, 2005

I think my heart just skipped. Ninja Gaiden Black


Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh boy, can someone pass me the Advil? Just when I thought a dumb statement was about to die off and be forgotten, someone gets the bright idea to give Al Gore an award for his great contributions to the Internet. Is this really necessary? What did he do to help the internet along, beside get a few more schools connected to the internet, and giving blogs some more material? The internet was pretty much taking off, and most schools and businesses were already on the band wagon. How about we give AT&T an award, for all the money they spent running fiber all over the country. Give AOL an award for their being the first to make unlimited access a smashing success. Since we are giving out awards, how about we give one to Ebay for the great success of E-commerce. We could also give Netscape, Mozila, and Microsoft an award for improving the way we view the internet, because browsers use to be a nightmare.

Hat Tip SondraK


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

What a great read. Darth Vader has a blog! I love the humor, dark. I never stopped to think about all the daily trouble the Dark Lord of the Imperial Army suffered on his quest to crush the rebellion. Very refreshing to read and be reminded that Darth Vader is not the weak sniveling child formally known as Anakin.

GameSpy.com has some more leaked pics of what the new XBox may look like. "XBox 360" is a lame name to me, sounds like a skateboard trick system. I wonder if it would come packed with a skateboard or snowboard game? Now I know that the new XBox is using a new Mac chip, but I cannot see it looking this much like one without sue happy Apple going after Microsoft.

That button is what is throwing everything off.

Guess we will have to wait and see the MTV special. Why did they have to choose Elijah Wood to host?


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