Thursday, May 05, 2005

Oh boy, can someone pass me the Advil? Just when I thought a dumb statement was about to die off and be forgotten, someone gets the bright idea to give Al Gore an award for his great contributions to the Internet. Is this really necessary? What did he do to help the internet along, beside get a few more schools connected to the internet, and giving blogs some more material? The internet was pretty much taking off, and most schools and businesses were already on the band wagon. How about we give AT&T an award, for all the money they spent running fiber all over the country. Give AOL an award for their being the first to make unlimited access a smashing success. Since we are giving out awards, how about we give one to Ebay for the great success of E-commerce. We could also give Netscape, Mozila, and Microsoft an award for improving the way we view the internet, because browsers use to be a nightmare.

Hat Tip SondraK


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