Thursday, October 28, 2004

Totally sweat! A mod for Jedi Academy that updates the original dark forces! Oh man, I have many fond memories of this game. It had some of the coolest guns, the story was the good, and the Dark Troopers scared the tar out of me. Maybe it is just the fact this was my first FPS that makes it stick in my head so much, naaa.

The very first mission had me hooked. Infiltrate a Imperial base to gather intel. Blasted lots of Storm troopers and found some disk. The disk turned out to be the Death Star blue prints! What a way to tie into the move!

The Ion Gun was one of the coolest weapons I have ever used. Just fire and a flame of blue ion engulfed every one in the area! The mortar launcher was really cool sounding. Trip mines were a nightmare, one room was covered with them. Man what a night mare.

The first time I encountered a Dark Trooper, it was quite a sight. A black skeleton, with glowing red eye, and it deflected all the laser shots! That freaked me out, and it was running right for me! I ran into a maze to recollect myself, only to find he had come around the other way and was behind me! For quite a while I freaked every time I heard one. Just when I started getting use to them, the Dark Trooper Two shows up. Oh boy, he wasted me with a wall of plasma and missiles before I could even turn around.

The attention to detail put into the game was great. Ya, the characters were 2d, but the sounds and the map layout was the best. The levels were alot of fun, and it was very easy to get caught up in them.


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