Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Things I would like to see in Counter Strike Source, or any other game. I have not bought the game, yet mind you, this is just my own wish list. I think it would be totally bitching if counter strike source had a more responsive environment than the original CS.

I want to be able to blow chunks of rock out of pillars in Aztec, like Neo does in the Matrix lobby shootout. I want to see fruit fly, vender stands break, and wine leak from the barrels when other pray and spray round the market place in Italy. I think I would spend more time trashing the market place and shooting up pillars, than shooting the occasional terrorist nuisance. I hope that the wood doors can be splintered to shreds, and fall off their hinges from people shooting threw them, or be able to shoot the handles off locked doors like people always do in movies. The bodies of fallen comrades and bullet casings should stay where they fall, and not fade away, so I can see that I may be walking into a sniper trap. People with rifles should not be able to shoot a person that is right in their face, I want to see some depth given to the weapons. For that mater, the scope on the sniper rifles should always be right on, none of this stuff where it hits in the general spot. If they want to emulate steadying a rifle, have the scope move around more due to recoil or setting up for the first time, but if I pull the trigger that one split second the cross hairs are on the target, I should hit that target. It would be totally cool if I could stand with my back to the wall by a corner with my knife, and smack it into the head if the guy that is running by.

Ok, so maybe more realism does not always work out for games .


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