Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wow, I hope everything is going all right with you Lone_wolf.  I see the news said that there is a new fire out in Santa Clarita.  Man that sucks.  This has been twice since you moved up there.

Well I got my XBox running. YES!  My original problem is that the drive is making the vibrating sounds of an off balance drive and not reading anything.  Had to do some playing around to get it to work.  I searched the net about fixing and replacing XBox parts and found out that the Samsung drive I had was the best on of the three OEM drives.  Hum, it did not even last a year. Oh well, guess I played NG too much.  So with some research I found that you could get a mod DVD Samsung 616T drive that would be faster and better.  So I ordered one.  Only thing I did not find out was that you have to mod your XBox case to get it to fit.  The connectors are plug and play.  I do not want to cut up my case, so I open up both drives.   The insides are 80% the same!  I just swapped out the guts of the laser and drive unit and I am back in business.   I did not swap any of the boards, so I was holding my breath when I turned it on.  I am not sure if this is recommended, but hey, I like to mess with things.  It was already broken, so what was I going to do?  Break it some more?  Well, ya, I guess I would be out the money spent on the new drive.  I should have done more research first, before buying, and before pulling apart and gutting the drives.  Oh well.  It works right now, and that is all that matters.  Excuse me, the XBox is calling..... 


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