Sunday, May 09, 2004

Ok, so I am one of the saps that got Counter Strike Condition Zero. Same old Counter Strike, just prettier.
To play online you have to use Valve's Steam network. The game play, skins, and maps are exactly the same, just more detailed. It is like the high definition upgrade they gave with Blue Shift.
The biggest difference with CS:CZ is that it gives you bots and single player campaigns.
The bots are really good. They camp, rescue hostages, plant bombs, defuse bombs, and can work in a group. I do not know how bots are more desirable, when you can always find a server with people. Killing a bot cannot compare to the satisfaction you get when you take out the lead person. The only thing I can find desirable with this is if the bots can come in and be replaced on the next round when a person joins or leaves to max out the players. This would make even the small servers more fun. Oh, and the bots do not cheat.
The single player campaigns are challenges that use the same maps you use in the multi-player games. Each challenge has a minimum of three rounds, which will increases until you complete all the objectives or the Ts win more rounds than you do. The challenges are good for anyone new to or experienced with CS, they will force you to try different weapons, or to rescue hostages. This is because each challenge will have different objectives, rescue so many hostages, kill this many Ts with a particular weapon, beat the round in so many seconds. You have some help with a team of bots that you assemble before each challenge. Some times they are too good, and win the round before I can complete an objective. If you die before the round is over your team will continue on as you watch in spectator mode to see the outcome of the round.
The game is not what I was expecting and I would be lying if I said I was not a little bit disappointed with it. I was expecting a lot more maps, a lot more weapons, and some new skins. Than again I was expecting Half-life 2 to be coming out soon.


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