Sunday, May 30, 2004

Well the Memorial Day weekend is about half over. It started out with a bang, replacing an oil pump in my car.
Now that I have had my fix of pulling things apart, I think I will spend the rest of the week staying clean. I could just slack around and watch the Hitler Channel, or I could frag someone. Now what game to play? I just got Call of Dutylast week and it is prity fun. It reminds me a lot of Medal of Honor but with a lot more emphasis on working with your team. I was also thinking of playing Day of Defeat, but the last time I went to play it I could not figure out what the most resent patch for it was. I could always go with Battlefield 1942, nothing is cooler than driving tanks, jeeps, and assult ships around, fraging everyone. Of all the WWII games out there, I think it is still the only one that has stuff you can drive around in.
So this weekend, well some are BBQing and eating enough chips to clog an artery, I will be waging war on my own battle field. To all the Vets, I thank you. Have a safe and happy weekend, and remebor do not drink and drive a jeep.


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