Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is a video my friend took of him, my brother, and I owning a 69 and 48 ret pally last night. The 54 lock had been another guy we wasted earlier, and thought he could get some vengeance. I'm a 55 druid, friend 56 rouge, bother 56 warrior.


Friend was getting wailed on when I was feared by the lock. So the last second heal was not any plan, but I could swear you can hear the pally scream at that last 92 health that stood in the way of victory. =D

I enjoy world PvP. That to me is where the pride is. BG is too run of the mill, and Arena blows chunks. No danger of a loss turning into a camping fest, or ganking. My best memories are PvP servers before BG, running around contested territory, or defending my home land.


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