Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Gamespy.com's editorial branch is turning 5. To celibrate they are going over their most "Most Memorable" games. Reading them brings back memorys. I remebor lan partys and the screaming of Lone_Wolf as his head exsploded from a charge beam shot from all the way across the compound with Half Life. I recall some of the crazy late hours after work dropping by the tech department and playing Starcraft on big hunter, everyone against the PC, and then when they were just about crushed, everyone turns on each other. I never would have dreamed one could get payed to do that. Lucky, I want their job!

Happy birthday! Now if only I could write half as good, have half the readers, have a job that pays me to play games, and have companys giving me stuff to try out... lucky punks <*grumble*> I going to go play WH40K...


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