Thursday, August 19, 2004

Van Halen kicks ass! Wow what a night! I went to the concert at The Arrowhead Pond on the 16th. I do not know if this is the case for all The Pond’s events, but traffic stinks getting there. The cops did not direct traffic. They just sit there setting up cones. They do not care if people block intersections. Expect to be stuck trying to get off the freeway for some time.

First thing we did was eat when we got down to Anaheim. We got down there with hours to spare. We went to eat at the ESPN Sport Bar and Grill at Down Town Disney. Last time I was down here, I wandered around to see what was so great about DTD. It reminds me of an overpriced outdoor mall with performers. It does have a LEGO store, and the ESPN place has a pretty sweet arcade, so it was not a total waist. Any way back to ESPN. I only went to the arcade the last time I was here, I can say now that the arcade is the best part. I was expecting some thing more like Hard Rock Cafe, with sport highlights, trivia, and signed jersey and stuff like that. Nope, zip, zero. Just a huge TV and lights that sporadically dimmed. The crowd was not even very rambunctious, but then again it was just the Red Socks and the Bluejays dropping the ball all night. The food was good, huge burgers, but pricey. We later found there is a Hooters right next to The Pond, damb it, we would have had more fun there, and had good parking. Kind of curious what Hooters is like, never been to one before. Oh well, next time.

Van Halen was the bomb. Even with the poor sound quality of the Pond, they were great! Eddy can still play one mean guitar! I was a bit concerned with Sammy doing David’s songs, but he did them justice. Sammy was playing the crowd, as always. He was signing autographs and getting in the pit with the fans all throughout the show. Eddy and Alex still have the long kinky hair and look really, really good for their age. Everyone had his own solo moment. That was totally cool. Michel came out with his Jack Daniels bass for his solo, much to everyone’s delight. Sammy played Where Eagles Fly. Alex just went nuts on his drums, man can he play! Eddy proved that he is still the master of the electric guitar; it was just mind blowing the stuff he was doing.

This will go down as one of the best. Man am I glad to see them back together. They looked like they had a lot of fun. I know I did.


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