Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I will never be buying from https://www.ascendtech.us/ again. I found them with pricewatch.com/ when I was looking for a 21" CRT so I do not go blind programming at work with a 17" CRT. Apparently my boss has approved bigger monitors for everyone three times, but the dean deep sixes it every time due to budget. I can understand tight budget, but after the Board gave all the deans a big bonuses for the third time, I just said forget it. I am buying my own. When hell freezes over and the school give us bigger ones, I will just use mine at home.

Ok, so I am on pricewatch, and I find several places that have cheep 21"s. Cheapest ones I skipped due to a really low approval score. I found AscendTech had a high 70% approval, and free FedEx. I ordered it. They charged my card that night (13th), and I heard nothing from them for a week. I called them on the 20th and they said it was on backorder and should be shipped out in a few days. I called again on the 23rd and they still did not ship, it was delayed, and should ship at the beginning of next week. I called today to cancel but they had just shipped it and gave me a FedEx tracking number. About damb time! They still showed on their sight that they still had them in stock all this time, and they never put on my tracking status that they are on backorder!

I should be getting my shipment on Friday. At this point I am now hopping that it will work. Now I just need the Techs to reinstall my OS. Four years on the same install of Windows 98 is got to be a record.

UPDATE: The monitor Died!


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