Monday, November 01, 2004

With all the talk about cheating and fraud this year for the elections, it got me to thinking. Will I be upset about the elections if I believe that the winner did so by fraud? Will I sit and whine about it? After thinking about it for some time, I do not think so. What good will it do? I do not see how crying about it will invoke any confidence in our country. The losing side could try to sue, but all that does is shows people that if you do not get the results you want, take it to court. People already say that their vote is not important. A trial where a judge decides the President would do nothing more than to support and validate that feeling. No, I think that the best course is to try and support the President, continue to try to make your views known, and make even more improvements for next time.

Will it surprise me if a person wins due to cheating? No. Who ever said cheaters never prosper, needs to wakeup. Asshats get the promotions, felons get the chicks, and liars get the better insurance settlement.

I just hope that who ever wins, does so by a large margin.


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