Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I’ve got mine, you got yours? Halo 2 came out today and I ran over to Best Buy around 3pm for my lunch break. They had plenty of copies. The sales table had stacks of them, and they had a locking case crammed with even more. I picked up the Limited Edition set, it was on sale for only $5 more than the regular one. Envy me, I didn’t have to camp out, I didn’t have to fight long lines, and didn’t get to eat until 3:30. Ok, so two out of three is not bad… Now I just need to get back home and try it out.

I hope that it is more worthy of the hype it got than World of War Craft and The Matrix Online. I am severely disappointed in both beta games. I will try playing them some more, but my first impressions were a letdown. Niether one gave very many character configuring options. They both had a few preset classes that have strengths and weaknesses, I could not figure out how to adjust some of the skill points myself. Very few things you could do to make the character stand out, and look different than any other character. Maybe this will change when they go live, I hope so.

Let me start off with saying I am not much of a role playing person. I like Diablo, but I get board of games like Final Fantasy. Too artsy and not enough action.

World of War Craft was the worst as far as customizing. I started out trying a dark elf, with a skill class of ranger. You cannot choose your clothing; it was determined by your skill class. I have tried to change it by equipping new shirts, or robes, but so far I have seen no difference. The few quests that I have played are boring and mundane. The world was beautiful, but I had trouble finding my way around with the map. They have guards in one of the places I visited, which would tell me where places are located, in relation to other places. That did not help much. Guess exploring may be more fun than doing the quests.

The Matrix Online has more customizing options, changing cloths changed your character’s appearance. I tried taking the blue pill, just to see what would happen, but it just went back to the selection box. Oh well, I guess most people will not be playing this game to be a blue pill person. They start you out by loading you into a ‘simulator’ for training. The training was not that informative, I could not figure out how to fight, and got my but kicked in the dojo. They use a rock, paper, scissor fighting style, with a few special moves. I could not figure out how to activate a special move, or a regular move for that matter. So my guy just kept on punching over and over again, until the other guy fell. I did not get an opportunity to try again, to see if I could figure it out this time, just jumped me to the next training. The tutorial got to explaining a hard line, your outside communication with Zion to download new skills, but I clicked the wrong mouse button and I was transported out of the tutorial right into the Matrix. No warning, no nothing. I do not know how to fight a cat, what the heck do I want to be out here where there are Agents?!? The start up is really cool, you see the world like Neo did at the end of The Matrix and it slowly fades to a world that most people see. I did not stick around to see if they had fixed the problems I saw with Enter the Matrix, like square wheels on the cars. Time to read the faqs. Ugg

I will try both games again some time, but for now I will be running over things with my Warthog. I know that this post is a violation of the terms of agreement, but I will not loose any sleep if they pull my access. Yep, my first impression is that good.



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