Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Step right up and witness the best things to come out in the video game market to date. Yes, I dare say it is even more useful and cool than the Halo 2 Plasma Sword! What is this marvel you wonder? Why I will tell you, it is the Half-Life 2 Zero Point Energy Gun, or as I like to call it, the Gravity Gun.

Tired of all the clutter in your house? This will make clean up a snap! Just turn it on and pick up any chair, table, or box with ease. Tough enough to move a wooden box, yet gentle enough to relocate a ham radio. Need to paint the walls, add a splash of color the fun and easy way, hurl paint cans at over 500 mph! It is so much fun; even the kids will want to help!

But wait there’s more! Do you suffer from unwanted head huger zombies pounding at your door? This baby will let you launch ordinary house hold objects at them to dispatch of these annoying pests. Turn ordinary gas cylinders into exploding missiles, hazardous waist drums into flaming rockets, even a giant saw blade into a Frisbee of Doom. There is enough power to cut threw five zombies and still stick that blade into the wall behind them. Thanks to its revolutionary new power supply, you get three days of continuous use out of just one charge! Just think of all the time and ammo you will save, it will practically pay for itself in the first week.

Act now and we will throw in this free book “Snatching Out of Reach Objects for Fun and Profit with the Gravity Gun”. Learn the secrets to picking up out of reach ammo and health packs from your neighbor’s balcony.

It is water proof, shock proof, kid safe, and City 17 approved. How much is this wonderful item you ask? Why it is so cheep we are practically giving it away! Just ask about our Black Mesa employee discounts! Easy financing available by Citi 17 Bank, act now!


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