Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well my friend Lone_Wolf (yes, he really does exist) just told me that he had been trying for the last half hour to just login to Steam. It took about another ten minutes to authenticate the game he had preloaded and purchased back when SC Source came out. Me, I started to preload it a month ago, and never quite finished. I also never pre-ordered it. I was not going to chance having to wait a year before I could play what I paid for. Well, I will try buying the Silver pack when I get home from work. If it is this busy, I may not be playing until next week...

UPDATE: I had no trouble logging into Steam. The when I paid (no sales tax, I love the internet) the transaction took a few minutes. It came back and said that their servers are too buys, but they will let me download and play the game until my card gets approved. Totally cool! I had downloaded about 80% of the game during the pre-load, and I was up and playing with in the hour. I played for a bit, and I am impressed. The wacky humor is still present. The only complaint I have right now is that the load time is a bit much between levels. But that could have been due to Half-life Source downloading in the background.


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