Monday, July 21, 2008

Went house shopping over the weekend. It was kind of depressing. There was a "For Sale" sign or a house being cleaned out to go on the market on almost every street.

All the houses I looked at were bank owned. My relater said they are the easiest ones to work with, both for showing and paperwork. Some of the houses were gorges, fixed up and painted for what turned out to be a failed short sale. The owner had some dignity, and left the place in one piece. Other houses were trashed, appliances literally ripped out, carpet stained and torn up beyond repair, things set on fire, or flooded. I want to feel sorry for the person, they lost their home and dream. I just cannot excuse their actions. I honestly wish that they could be prosecuted for it, they vandalized someone's property costing thousands of $$$ of damage. My bank wouldn't even authorize a loan for some of these places. Granted it is the bank that screwed them over, but it took two to sign a contract for a loan.

It has really been bugging me, what to get. Do I get a large house, I could afford it, but it would not leave me much room for emergency fixes or problems. Do I get a small house that I could easily afford? Do I get a fixer upper, that I could end up spending more in the end as one of the expensive places?

I did find one place. A little 2 room house, that I could easily afford. I put a bid in for it, and we will see that happens. It is clean, has a good size yard, and a nice sized garage.


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