Monday, February 12, 2007

I am making a point to spend at least one day each week with my grandparents. It is weird. I look forward to seeing them; but I also dread the things that I know they are going to talk about. Wills, what it was like when my uncle passed away from cancer, who is going to get what... The hardest thing for me is knowing that my grandmother is in pain from her RA, and I can do nothing to help her.

I found out that she has found another lump. The good thing is she is going to her doctor today for a regular check up, and he should be able to assess it.

I went to HR the other day to see how 'Family Leave' works. It doesn't cover Grandparents, but they said I can take vacation and sick time, or even leave without pay if I have to.

OK, some good news for a change. My sister at UCI has been nominated for a 'fellowship' with UCLA. It also sounds like she got a 'fellowship' nomination to continue at UCI. The jest of it is she has been accepted to both schools, plus she has a scholarship, and if she wins the nomination, it sounds like she may be covered for most of her expenses. This semester she is graduating UCI with a B.S. She always had to be one up on me. Way to go, I am proud of you little sister.


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