Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well this has been interesting these last few days.

I found out that my Grandmother is not doing as well as I believed. She has level one lip node cancer. I found this out at Church the Sunday before Thanksgiving when my pastor announced it to the whole congregation. I guess it was a good thing I went to church that morning or I may have never learned how serious it was until I saw my grandmother walking around with no hair. There is no cure for it. The good news in all this is that it is treatable, and the Dr. is very optimistic that she will be with us for many more years. My Grandfather is doing much better with his depression. Tomorrow he is going to his retirement party.

Speaking of retirement parties, the lady I used to hang out with is retiring. She is retiring early; she was planning one it being this year. She is sick and tired of working around people that don’t have any work ethics, so she is taking an easy out. Some days I wish I could do that, and get away from the girl that has no work ethics in my department. I am not going to the party. I don’t want to be some place I am not welcome/wanted. I RSVPd a while ago, and paid the fee. This was to help chip in for her party, she was a friend at one time, and I want to help. The other reason was to avoid people from pestering into going. My boss and the other people that I used to hang out with are arranging it, and I don’t want to chance them pestering me into going because they don’t see my name on the list. I am even helping out with some things. I want to help. I just have no reason to go, I said my goodbye, and let go back before she left for her daughter's wedding. Beside, no one will even notice that I didn't show up. That is one of the nice things with never being noticed, you are never missed.

It hurts that she and my other so called friends lied to me, and decided that five years worth of good was worth shit when I ran into personal difficulty, confusion, and depression. I kept trying to hold on, to make amends, to reach out, to understand, and to make things right. I guess most of them didn’t think I was worth it. At least two of them felt I was, and hung on with me. For them I am eternally grateful.

My friend that got me into World of Warcraft has deleted all his toons the other day. He sent me the gold and stuff that I could use. I guess I am not too surprised. The game is not the same. No one wants to do any new end game content, because the expansion pack is going to make all that uber loot worthless. Also no one wants to do any more world PvP. It has been the World of Carebears for some time now. Everything that was worked so had for, is soon to be worthless. Guilds that used to take pride in their factions, and name, now could care less if someone is ganking or greafing. The one thing I am looking forward to is they are talking about changing the 'honor' system with the next patch, and getting rid of the penalties that made town raids impossible. I so want to raid a horde town. I have taken control of small outposts, but never a major town. Well there is some hope of the game getting good again.

OMG, I think this is the first time I have talked about a game in a long time on this blog. What do you know...


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