Thursday, September 07, 2006

Well today I went and asked for my photo album back. It was given to me last year for Christmas and has all the photos of the fun things we used to do. I am ready to have it back, to pack away with all my other old, lost memories of yester year. This is a hard step. Now I owe no one nothing, and they have nothing which to try and hang on to me by. Beside the memory stick, which I don't care if she keeps...

Even when I went down to get it, he was stringing me along. Said that maybe we can get something to eat next week when things settle down. I expected him to say it. He is the 'nice guy' that doesn’t like conflict or hurting someone’s feelings. He just wants to have fun. So it is easier to keep dangling hope in front of someone than just say 'screw you.'

Good by, so long. Maybe some year when someone doesn't believe that I actually went to Mexico or had corn rows I can dig this out and prove to them. It is a good reminder of the difference between a 'friend' and 'true friend.' I heard someone the other day say that 'a friend is just an enemy in disguise, being nice to use you up at their connivance'... I guess 'TRUE' is a negate operator when it comes to friends, like 'NOT' in programming. Live and learn, then move on.


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