Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well I just got a phone call from the old 'friend' who borrowed the memory stick from. She wanted to let me know she is back safe at home, and that she will bring me my memory stick tomorrow. She went on about how her dog’s leg is doing and how worried she was about him on her trip. She also threw in that she has a 'present' (is that a souvenir?) for me that she will bring up, and her daughter said to tell me 'hey.'

I just told her I was glad she was able to use the memory, glad her dog is doing well, and glad that her flight just came in safe. She then told me she has been back for a week now, and she just thought I was concerned about her not coming to work because of the fire. Now normally she would be right, I would be calling her up like the last time there was a fire out by her neck of the woods. Problem is I didn’t know she was back, and second I deleted her phone number a few weeks ago. Shortly after I lent her the memory, I guess it is a bit of closing.

I am not holding my breath on seeing her any time this month, let alone seeing her tomorrow. If I do see her, I will be plesent as I am with everyone else, there is no reason not to be. If she wants to give me something, I will thank her for it. I will not go for a walk, out to eat, or make any plans. Why? Because I am finished with being strung along, and then having the fact that I am not invited to anything be rubbed in my face. Why do I want to hang out with them? They just get drunk, and ignore me anyways.

Everything else is going pretty well. I twiddled with my project car for the first time in over a year. I wouldn’t dare work on it before. I had no real desire, and I knew any problems she gave me would just lead to frustration. She started up and ran fine. I just had to shoot some carburetor cleaner in it. I will try to get her cleaned up and see how she behaves around town.

My grandparents are doing ok. Work is going well. Life is much better. My sister is going back to UC Irvine this weekend. I need to squeeze in some more time with her.

One day at a time...


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