Wednesday, August 16, 2006

OMG, what a week. I am so existed. Good news is my sister comes home from UCSD Thursday night. That is tomorrow,right? All the days are starting to blur together....

Saturday I got rear ended by some poor girl. I felt really bad for her. She tried her best to stop, she just needed one maybe two more feet. She was very cooperative, and pleasant. Even her family that contacted me were pleasant and helpful. I felt bad having to report it to the insurance, but my family was in the car, and I couldn't take any chances. Beside, I cannot deal with this right now, and I am too nice. I will just let my insurance deal with everything... I pay them enough each year.

Monday I got a speeding ticket on my way to work. I was carpooling with my boss to make it worse... How embarrassing. There is this one stretch of road out in Santa Clarita that has a nice bike path down one side of the road, a road that has a very low speedlimit. The cops love it, because no one follows the speed limit, and they just have to go down the bike path and jump on the road behind the last car in the group. They double or some days triple team that street... Well dumb me, I am just cursing down the street with everyone else, I see the cop drive down the bike path, and think 'oh, they are doing their speed trap gig...' and next thing I realize is opps, I am the last car in the group. Sure enough he grabbed me. Doh. "Sir do you realize why I pulled you over?" "I am guessing it is the same reason that mustang over there is pulled over?" What the hell am I supposed to say, I could hope they are doing their charity show ticket event... I was just hoping that this would not take long. It didn't even take five minutes. Swiped my drivers license on his PDA, his motorbike spits out a ticket on that dumb heat paper, and I sign the PDA. "Oh yah, can I see your registration? Um, do you know it has just exspired?" "Opps I guess I that is what the DMV sent me last night." "Well get it fixed, have a good day." Off he went down the bike path to get another car. Wow, I lucked out with just a 15mph over speed ticket. I could have gotten an expired registration, and if he looked close enough, he would have seen I had also forgotten to put my new proof of insurance card in that car wallet... I even got to work early. Welcome to Santa Clarita, Ticket town with a traffic cammera at every light.

Speaking of work, what a crazy time these last few days have been! We got slammed twice these last few days. First a index glitch caused 2000+ students to all have the same six hour appointment block. Our system just got hammered, and a Java problem that I had just thought was a minor issue turned into a major nightmare. Then when we think everything is fixed, we stress test it as best we can. A few days later, we had open registration and got wailed on again. This time a hardware limit screwed us over. Very stressful, I didn't even remember to get lunch. My boss was very nice and ordered in for everyone so that she could get me to eat. Did I ever mention that I appreciate my boss? This has been a very chalenging week. Good thing is that I learned a lot. Bad thing is that it was a pain for me, students, and our department. It turned out it was not just one problem, but many little problems. Hardware, software, indexes, and bugs.

It is funny, I am watching 'Rock Star Supernova' and the guy is singing 'creep.' I may have to find this song... My programming friend asked me why when I call the office, I call the one girl's line. I don't know, it was the one that had been programmed in the cell when I was given it. So I changed it to some other ext. The thing that bugs me is that my friend doesn't usually pick up on things like this all the time. She must have relay been bitching about it. I don't even remember who else was in the office. I never thought anything about it, she is to pick up the phones no mater who's line it is, so I am just used to her answering. I hope she is not poisoning anyone's opinion of me. I think she has already affected the hourly's opinion.

I am getting used to not one of my old 'friends' talking to or wanting to see me. Oh well, who needs them anyway? I don't want friends like them anyways.


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