Monday, August 07, 2006

I would have thought that at least one of two lunch plans may work. I didn’t double book, just have two possibilities, and not one of them worked out.

Last week I made planes with one person out of the group I used to hang with. It would be the first time I had done anything with that person sense about February. The person works just one building away, and we used to do all sorts of things after work as a group... Go out for drinks, happy hour, movies, Mexico... Needless to say I was looking forward to doing at least lunch with this person. Well I waited for a call like we arranged noon and nothing... 2pm roles around and nothing... Oh well, I guess I am easy to forget.

The other lunch possibility was for an hourly that was working in our office that is leaving. I mentioned to my boss that it would be nice if the department took her to lunch before she leaves. She liked the idea and said we would do it Monday. Well today the girl showed up, my boss told her we are taking her to lunch. Cool. Next thing I know my boss, the girl, and one other girl in the office are walking out the door and holler back that they are going to lunch. It left the rest of the office going WTF? I guess we are a different department...

Oh well. I grabbed my programming friend and we got lunch and talked about video games. Now the person that stood me up has sent a ‘program bug’ up and wants me to look into it. Nice to be needed..........................


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