Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well my sister is down in San Diego State UC for the summer. The party college of the world. I am so proud of her, kegger!!!

I wish it was all fun and games for her. She got the run around when she first got down there. Then her dorm looked like it belonged in a third world country, backed up shower, muddy floors, bugs crawling all over, the trash piled right outside the open door... But she is a trooper, and got to work cleaning and killing bugs. Soon after her microwave got ruined in a drunken roommate’s munchies attack. Apparently it really is possible to nuke a bag of pop corn into a solid black mass and catch fire. Now the latest plague is fleas. Yep the little buggers must have fallowed some smelly hippy to school. They are probably learning more than the hippy, and they don’t even have to pay tuition. Them’s smart little buggers.

Well my sister may not like to party (or is it a cleaver ruse to keep mom and dad from asking questions, hum), but I am proud of her for toughing it out and being way smarter than me. But she still needs me to fix her PC. =p


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