Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Dozing off when going 75-80 mph on a freeway is not a pleasant thing. Today my guardian angle was working over time. The ‘road bumps’ on the divider lanes brought me out of nodding off, and luckily no one was in the lain I was ‘merging’ into. I rolled down the windows, blasted some music, and drank what was left of a coke. I need to get more sleep. My Grandfather is still in ICU, and will probably have to take blood thinners for the rest of his life. He is suppose to see a specialist for his back and hip to see if it may be possible to do something to help him.

Nice guys are a dieing breed. Soon I will need a plack at my cage, I mean desk. It would read something like this.
“Nice Guy” (Niceus Maximus Idiotus). This endangered species used to be prevalent out in the wild. Now they are all but extinct. They were often found holding doors open for the person behind them or standing in crowded places due to offering their chair to a lady. They played a key role in society by offering a helping hand, going out of their way to transport someone, lending possessions or money to help someone, training in first aid and other life saving skills to always be prepared, or spending long sleepless nights thinking/praying for someone in need. Scientist marveled at the fact that such creatures survived all these thousands of years, and tried to explain it by a mysterious force called ‘karma’. The extinction of this species is believed to be due to the growing number of “Modern Woman” (Empowerus Maximus Feministus) that often times snap at and even bit off the heads of “Nice Guy” when they interact. The other contributing factor is that they often are taken advantage of due to their generosity and left desolate, abused, and alone. Even attracting a mate is proving more difficult for them. Being dominated by the ‘Convict’ (Prisonus Sentenceus), ‘Thrill Seeker’ (Adrenalinus Flowus), ‘The Self Centered Jerk’(Centerus of Worldus), along with many other species. Often times the Nice Guy is just “A good Friend” that get turned to when the girl needs help, bail money, or a ride to the hospital to see if she is pregnant.

Such is my life, and that I think is one of the main reasons that I went into this depression. It is something that I need to deal with, and control, before it kills me.


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