Monday, June 05, 2006

Well I am back, all in one piece. I wish I could say that I enjoyed the trip, but than I wish I could say I hated it, I just wish I felt something about it. I must have had some fun, people said they saw me smiling sometimes, and I did find myself laughing once or twice.

The worst part of the trip was getting on or off the bus. Checking into hotels was even worse. I just stood out of the way, and waited until everyone had their rooms and bags, then I went and got my stuff.

I am not used to eating three meals a day. My stomach is a bit wonky.

Today I go back to work. We will see if anyone noticed I was missing for a week, or that I am back… There are times where it feels like out of an office of six, only two people exist. The reports and daily operations person, and the main programmer. I doubt any of the projects that I left to be tested were not even looked at. Oh well, I guess I should focus on doing my meaningless work, and be happy I get paid to do it. For now, until they realize that I am actually there, and they realize that they had not noticed me before, so then they realize they don’t know what I do, so then they realize why do they need me around...


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