Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yesterday was a good day. I didn't mess anything up, or make any mistakes, even thought I was interacting with people. I had to serve on a hiring committee. I showed up on time, comprehended what people were saying, and made some contributing statements during the deliberation. My boss even appeared to be pleased with me, and was interacting and talking to me.

I didn't get chewed out, didn't mess up, and didn't let anyone down. It was a good day. Let's see if I can't go for two in a row.

My only concern for today is a friend of mine is having her daughter from back east visit, and she is holding a big party for her before she gets married. I want to go, but I am still having a hell of a time in a group, let alone a crowd. I guess I will do my best to show up, meet her, give her my gift (are we supposed to give something for this occasion? I don't know, let alone what to give), and find an excuse to leave right away. I hate having everything I looked forward to before this problem, be something that I now dread.


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