Sunday, May 28, 2006

well today is the day, I was looking foward to over six months ago. I am taking a charter trip to Yellowstone with my family. No driving, no searching for place to stay... just sit back and relax... Like I said it was something that I was looking forward to, now it just feals like another day. Actualy it feals kind of worse. It feals like a set up for more dissapointment. I had several people at work tell me that they were just waiting for this day, so when I come back I will be more my old self. Like this is just what is needed to fix me. They tell me not to worry about work, 'what can go wrong that we can not fix without you. You are not that important, no one here is.' I know it is ment to help me relax, but it still was hard to fight my toughts on that from time to time.

I feel nothing. Just another day. A good friend finaly talked to me the other day, last time I talked to her was at the begining of te year. Now she told me what friend ship we had is over. If I want it, I need to get over my cry for attention, and then start over from scratch with her. It woulod have devistated me, but it was just another day. Like if they had told me they are out of fries for my order, I will have to go without.

Well here is to a vacation, no more bitchen from me for oa whole week. Enjoy!


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