Monday, May 22, 2006

Well this weekend was spent doing some cleaning, and playing WoW and Oblivion. I also picked up a copy of New Super Mario Brothers for my DS. It is a lot of fun. It is like they took the best parts of all the Mario games and mashed them into one. I didn't get a lot of sleep; the dog woke me up early both days.

Well today was supposed to be my luncheon for the five year employees. I was supposed to go and be recognized, but I 'forgot' it was today. I got the invite somewhere in one of my desk draws. I'm just too busy to go, and don't really feel like having to smile and pretend there is nothing wrong with me in front of that many of my peers, while the president reads some BS bio on me that everyone could care less about. Still only got two people in the office that even pays me existence any mind.

This week is my turn to bring snacks. It used to be a fun thing, where someone would bring cookies or a little something for breakfast. Then someone brought a 5 course breakfast, and then it grew to lunch, and now if you don't bring a full meal you feel like you skimped out. The other problem is that it used to be enjoyed, with people all laughing and joking and talking. Now if someone decides to eat what was brought, they just take the food and go back to their desk, unless we go out to eat which sticks one person with the bill. No one complains, my only problem is it used to be nice and appreciated. Now it is just expected and very little of the food is eaten. I am not sure if it is just because we are understaffed and under a lot of pressure, I don't think it is just because of me being depressed... This had been happening long before that.

I think I will take a poll of the office. See what their wildest desire is. That way at lest I can have one snack day that I did that they will enjoy, before I opt out of this snack thing all together.


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