Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Well I lost about 10-15 pounds. I normally am 168-173, now I am 158. My weight loss secrete? Not eating three out of five days at work for the past two weeks. Avoid social activates, and stop consuming alcohol. I guess I got lucky; some people when they become depressed turn to food as a comfort. I lost all appetite and pleasure I used to get from food.My Dr said I have to eat something, granola, yogurt, a fruit, something healthy or my chemical imbalance will be affected even more. So I found some granola fruit bars, and some yogurt I will eat three times a day.

I am dropping out of the department 'goodies day'. Every Friday we would take turns bringing in a treat that we made or feel like sharing. It used to be a time when everyone would take a break and enjoy some down time. It was appreciated. Now it has grown to the point of if you don't bring a 5 course meal, you are cheeping out. Even if you do bring something acceptable, everyone just goes back to their desk and works. It is expected and no longer appreciated. All my prior attempts at bringing something went over as well as a new gas tax increase. This is doing nothing for my depression, or my self esteem, or my good will. So for the time being, I am going to be removed from the list, and stop eating what is brought in. Not like I eat much as it stands, so it shouldn’t be a big change.


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