Monday, May 01, 2006

Well I guess it was bound to happen. My boss told me I am in danger of loosing my promotion. I still get work done, but not at the level that I used to. Pluse I took three sick days this month. Two days I was stuffed up, head about to exsplode sick, right befor a big project was due; and the third time I just called in sick because I would be no good to anyone with the mood I was in. I can't blame here, how would someone put up with an employee that was given a promotion and is only depressed most of the time? Funny, I felt no different when she told me this than I had the rest of the day. Not exactly how I exspect to feel when this job means the world to me. Maybe I will just cry myself to sleep tonight, or maybe the tears won't come, who knows.


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