Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tomorrow I am going to E3!

One of my friends commented that my mood this week has been like night and day in comparison to last week. I am not feeling as useless, or empty. I got complemented on a job well done by my boss for a few projects. I also helped my brother get a counseling appointment because I know one of the counselors (not that I have pull, we talk about cars all the time). I participated and gave some input during some meetings without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

My counselor gave me some toys to put on my desk the other day. She suggested that I find things that give me a message. They are little wire toys that balance precariously on perches. They are to remind me that life is about balance. Life goes round and round, up and down all the time, but if I hold on, trust in God, ride it threw with my friends, and put a little energy into it everything can work out.


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