Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Monday I didn’t eat. No one in the office talked to me or acknowledged my existence except to chew me out for something. I just can’t seam to do anything right.

Tuesday was a little bit better. The other programmer was in, and he still talks to me about projects, and games, and stuff. I feel like I am a leper, an out cast, a freak that everyone wants to just ignore.

When my boss addressed the whole office, she called everyone by name, except me. She called me ‘everyone.’ She did this a couple time in the day. I wanted so bad to say, “My name is not ‘everyone’, I have a name, or did you forget this freaks real name?”

This morning when I came to work, my key didn’t work on the door. My first thought was, ‘They forgot to give me a pink slip.’ I was expecting security to open the door, and escort me off the grounds. But when the door opened, there was no security, just a coworker saying that the lock is messed up.


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