Monday, May 08, 2006

I think I finally figured out a way for me to be ok with the problems that I find are causing my work performance to suffer. I will compare it to football.

First why did I get tackled by depression? Well, everyone can take things differently. Some people are the line backers; they can take and give a lot of punishment. They could get dog piled by the offensive line (stress, family problems, work issues, change) and get right back up and keep playing. A quarter back is not as likely. Is it his fault? No. There is no way he can physically take that kind of punishment; he is not built that way.

Second why am I not performing as well as I used to? By using the analogy I have above, I just got dog piled. Sometimes something gets injured. Some football players will get a sprained ankle, and they are benched for the rest of the game/season. Other players break a hand, and keep on playing. They can’t let the team down, can’t be substituted, won’t give in due to pride, or what ever. They keep on playing, but they are not as tops as they used to be, their game suffers some. They may have to adjust some to compensate or work around the injury, like holding the ball different, or making different plays than they usually do. But they cope, and the team adjusts to make the touch down. They may not win every game, or make the Supper Bowl, but they give it their best.

I need to find what I need to do to compensate. Right now it is writing notes on everything. A list of everything I need to do. Repeat back my assignment. I think my family is learning to adjust to help with the ‘play’ and so are some of my co-workers. I just need to make it work for this season.


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