Friday, January 20, 2006

Is there any place that actually sells the XBox 360? All I see are accessories and games for a fabled game system. Some times there is a display model of what looks like an Apple inspired DVD player that has frayed wires poking out of the protective case.

I know I was a lot younger when the NES and Genies other game systems came out, so my memory may not be the best, but I do not remember there ever being a supply shortage problem like this. Ya, there was a few stores that sold out, but not for weeks or months on end. The first system I recall a shortage for any period of time was the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. Is it because the game companies are trying to create market frenzy by have a limited supply? Do they just under estimate the demand? Are they too much of a tight wad to higher additional production companies? Are the chip and drive suppliers the problem? Is it because they just want to wait and see all the problems with a beta system in a public testing ground, and will not release more until some more bugs are worked out? Are the antitrust lawsuits scaring or preventing them form releasing more system? Is it because we now have a generation that has grown up on game systems and no longer view them as a novelty toy and thus are more willing to buy them on release day?


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