Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Well this Christmas was pretty good. Got some time off, visited family, saw/heard from some old friends, and ate good food.

I got to play with some new cool toys. My dad got a Logitech Harmony remote control which is one of the coolest, most powerful, and easiest universal remote controls I have ever dealt with. You set everything up over a web site. You don't have to fiddle with programming the remote off of codes or anything, just provide the manufacture and the model number of the entertainment system components and answer a few questions as far as how you operate your system. Even thought the web sight has a few annoying things to work out, it kept timing out, it was easy enough to use. You can use just the simple default operation and button layout, or fine tune the remote to have each button operate just how you like.

Unlike most remotes, this one's "modes" are based off of what activity you want to do, not off of what pieces of your entertainment system you want to control. For example if I press the "watch TV" button, it turns on the TV,VCR, sound system, and sets all the inputs and outputs along with a favorite channel. When the volume button is pressed, it adjusts the sound system's volume, and when the channel buttons are pressed, it changes the VCR channel.

This remote is so cool, and has so many possibilities. I got a thrill from watching TV with just one button. Seeing my dad not being frustrated trying to figure out what remote to use, or what mode the old universal remote was in is really nice. One button layout, one thing to remember, one remote to rule them all…my precious. It is about time someone thought of making a remote that treats the entertainment system as a single system.


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