Sunday, November 20, 2005

Well this week is going XBox 360 crazy. Right now as I type Microsoft is hosting a XBox 360 party "Zero Hour" a few streets down from my house, at an old airplane production hanger. I didn't know about it until I was driving and saw traffic backed up for a block all around the hanger. This also means that I didn't put in for tickets, and I am not able to get in. It would have been really neat to see all the hundreds of game stations, and be able to compete with thousands of people on the games.

I got my first look at an actual unit over at Best Buy. It is about the size of a VCR/DVD player. The game FX was nice, matching what I have seen on hi end PCs. I didn't get a chance to play or touch it, some ten year old was hogging the game the entire time I was in the store, and people frown on beating up little kids, even if they disserve it. Actually I think Best Buy is becoming the local arcade. They have two HD TVs with a nice sound system and game chairs, along with the standard game system displays on the isles. If you want to play any of the games, you best get there early, because with no quarters, chairs, and HDTV it is an arcade dream come true. The only way someone gives up their controller is when nature calls or the store closes. I wish I had it this good when I was younger. I remember standing in line to play the NES before a five minuet timer reset the system and your turn was up.


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