Saturday, October 29, 2005

I bought the FEAR DVD the other day. I had so much fun with the demo that I had to get the full game. Worth every penny.

I am still amazed by the AI and the creep factor of FEAR. Ten times better than Doom3. They lay down cover fire; jump threw windows, crawl under obstacles, attack from above and below, and even push over bookshelves for cover. So far the most amazing thing that they have done is send a few units around to a back door when I have a group pinned down.
The scare factor is really good. I have jumped in my seat more than once, and goose bumps are becoming very common. I have wasted more ammo on a ghost, than I have tacking out whole squads. The crazy thing is, I know it is not going to do anything, and the ghost hasn't done more to me than startle me, and still I find myself shoot as fast as I can to stop them. There are also some 'dream' moments much like Max Payne had, and everything in the room just changes reality. Very well done and very unnerving. The combat is good, especially the melee combat. Most games will use the gun butt to crack a few skulls, so there is nothing new about being able to do the same with this game. The twist is if you do a melee attack when jumping or crouching, you can do a round house kick or a slide kick. Combine this with the bullet time and it is hella cool!
I have not been this impressed with a FPS game since Half-Life. It proves that a game doesn't have to be pitch-black, extra gory, or have zombie AI to make a suspenseful game. In fact if the ghosts and dreams were not in the game, it would be an excellent normal FPS.


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